About us

Hey there!

We are a local Portland band called Under the Deku Tree (UDT), offering jazz renditions of classic anime and video game soundtracks. Our shared love for the best music across all gaming and anime eras has brought us together to re-imagine these timeless tunes, making them enjoyable for everyone.

In addition to anime and video game music, we explore other genres such as vocaloid and incorporate popular music mashups into our arrangements. We add our unique twist to different styles, making each performance fresh and exciting.

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What is a Deku Tree?

The Deku Tree is a fictional character in The Legend of Zelda. The Great Deku Tree acts as a fatherly guardian of the forest who safeguards not only the dense land around him. Essentially a magical tree in the Legend of Zelda.

Could you cover (said song)?

- Yes! We always take suggestion on what to cover next. Head on to our contact tab to fill out our form.

Where is UDT Based out of?

- UDT Is based out of Portland, OR.

Do you only cover Anime and Video Game Music?

Yes, but we have covered Vocaloid music in the past and are always interested in covering other songs.